DesignerStone® Panels is your natural stone resource showroom for thin translucent and opaque marble, onyx, quartzite, and travertine panels.

Ideal for commercial and residential projects, our stone is quarried from around the world and exclusively available to the trade. The reduction in weight of our stone panel allows for ease of fabrication and installation, diminishing the time needed to complete a project with a luxurious result!

Our stone is millions of years old and strong enough to be used for a multitude of residential and commercial design projects. 

Panels are full size sheets of marble, onyx, quartzite, and travertine with a strong waterproof translucent or opaque backing. 

DesignerStone® Panels are ⅙th the weight of stone slabs of similar size.  Lightweight means reduced installation costs, fewer installers, and fewer hours to complete the installation. Thin natural stone panels are environmentally friendlier with less packaging and reduced transport frequency.

Enhance your creativity and enjoy the beauty of nature. We invite you to visit us, check out our showroom for ideas, chat about your project, and to share our passion for natural stone!

DSP's translucent white onyx is used to enhance the entrance and 4-storey elevator of Gibson's Restaurant in Chicago.

Onyx or marble backlit floating linear fireplace facades enhance your room instantly!

Bookmatch a pair of opaque marble or onyx panels to create a luxurious shower experience.

Royal white onyx is featured in this wine collection and kitchen backsplash. The effect speaks for itself!

Create a unique experience with a stunning bar feature.

Add a marble or onyx feature as part of your furnishings.