DTC is a wholesale distributor of handmade, flat woven area rugs throughout Canada and the USA. Our target is to bring trend-setting products to our clients and provide them with new ideas ahead of our competitors. 

Our wide range of samples and leading customer service will satisfy every designer and professional buyer.

Our exclusive rugs are all designed in-house and handmade by artisans in India. 

We work closely in our production houses with experienced crafts people who have been dying yarns and expertly weaving handmade rugs for generations. They too, are experimenting with different types of yarn and reinventing their craft with constantly improving, innovative techniques.

Best Selling Collections

Our best selling collections can make your design dreams come true! Visit our showroom to see the differences between the Natco, Elen, Peska, Simpla, Mati and Cross. See which one is best for you and your next project!

Premium Collections

Our Premium Collections are handkotted or handloomed; including: Mana, Flake, Natco, Elen, Satro, Peska and Cross.

These Collections boast a luxurious feel without excessive maintenance — making them an easy choice for your dream design. 

Hand Made

Rug making is an ancient craft. Hand made rugs made with a variety of techniques and using state of the art looms are our signature showcase.

Natural Yarn

We use natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, cotton, and jute — spun into fine yarn for our hand woven rugs.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design refers to what is popular or used right now and can be very eclectic for that reason. It is ever changing.

Seasonal Pricing

As a manufacturer and importer we are able to provide the best prices — skipping the middle man, thus giving consumers the best seasonal deals around!