Looking for a great way to commission your designer pieces and have little time to deal with it? We can help you sell new, elevated decor and furnishings. Whether they’re gently loved, new, slightly damaged or custom mishaps, we’ll turn your old inventory into ‘happy surprises’ for someone.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We are always happy to find the right items for your projects, home or workspaces. Kara-Lynne Lowe, owner and Chief Experience Officer, has decades of retail experience. She exists to shop, and even in her personal life, is everyone’s fab finder. 

It’s time. Time to rethink how décor and furniture are created and repurposed. We see a future with less and less going into landfills and have big ideas how to get there. 

For now, we live, eat and breathe recurating designer décor and furnishings, providing concierge consignment services for beautiful pieces. That’s our business – reimagining décor, helping the design industry repurpose while giving more people access to style and quality at great prices.

It’s our mission to benefit local businesses, society AND the environment.