A Designer’s Best Resource
Silverwood Kitchens & Bath Inc. is your complete destination for all of your millwork/cabinet requirements accompanied by all relevant countertop choices, so you and your client can fulfill your design vision.  By utilizing our Canadian manufacturers and Silverwood professionals, we will be your preferred partner for all your projects requiring cabinetry. 

The goal for Silverwood Kitchens is to be the best partner possible for all designers by providing custom tailored services for each designer alike. a designer requires a detailed kitchen design created for them, we can do that.  If a designer has their own kitchen design and only requires our showroom and manufacturing capabilities, we can also do that.  Silverwood provides full installation services, as well as supply only for designers who have their own carpenters.  We will customize our service to suit each designers’ requirements. 


With our full line of custom cabinetry, we can fulfill any design vision you can create for a beautiful, inspired vanity. 

Laundry Rooms

We have vast experience in creating the most fashionable and functional laundry rooms possible.  We also supply all accessories that coincide with a new laundry room.


Silverwood is an elite partner with Toronto’s largest fabricator and has an exclusive relationship with the top countertop material suppliers.  Use our relationships!   


Silverwood has full catalogue sections of cabinets designed for closets only.  This allows you to design a closet without sacrificing any design element. 

Cabinet Doors

Door colours and style are endless…. 

With all of our standard door styles and finish options, there are thousands of variations, together with the ability to create any custom colour you may require.  

Let your creative juices flow!


We have a wide range of cabinet accessories to assist with the organization and functionability of your new design space.