Red Hill Woods specializes in handcrafted furniture made from local and ethically harvested wood. We use traditional woodworking techniques and earth-friendly finishes to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. We work closely with you to create custom pieces that suit the unique style of your home.

Work from Home AND Save the Environment...

Imagine the character grain of a locally sourced hardwood, surface sanded to a silky-smooth finish. Nature and technology co-existing in your work-from-home office desk. 
Hand-crafted by Red Hill Woods, bespoke desks are created to your specifications from ethically harvested hardwoods such as Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Spalted Maple, Tiger Beech, etc.

Dining Tables

A table, modest or formal, seating a few or several of your favourite people, where meals are served and eaten.

Coffee Tables

A low table, usually placed in a living or recreational room, for holding glasses, books, and other things.

Side/End Tables

A small table, commonly placed beside a sofa or chair, holding mugs and other necessities.

Hall Tables

A table of a convenient height placed against a wall, ready to receive keys and other essentials.


A table having a broad writing surface, usually with drawers to hold papers, stationary, etc. 

Sculpted Tables

A highly artistic table that is made by carving and shaping.