As innovators in a stubborn industry, we see construction differently from the rest: Through constant
engineering, re-engineering, and (we'll admit) over-engineering, we find ways to cut costs, prevent
waste, and save time – all the while delivering a superior product. We don't just find slightly better
ways to do the 'same old thing'; we envision methods to use the best quality and most durable and
practical materials in a way that turns the 'old way' on its head. Join us in revolutionizing the way
houses are built, maintained, and beautified! 




At Kablan Magnetic Porcelain, our aim is
to revolutionize the construction industry through materials.

With our patented magnetic installation of porcelain tiles, you have a simple,
versatile, and durable system that anyone can install, maintain, and replace in a
fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional tiling methods.




Large Format Tiles

We carry tiles up to 4' wide by 9' tall – among the largest porcelain slabs available
in the world!

Authentic Wood-Look Porcelain

Given some of the longest planks in the industry, combined with a
groutless look, nobody will believe your floors are actually tile!

Wall Application

Use our jumbo tiles to create seamless, uninterrupted, easy-to-clean perfection for
your shower.

Designer-Curated Collections

Get the finest quality material in the timeless looks that will last beyond
the 'flavour-of-the-month' trend.

Rectified Tiles

Our porcelain is fired in Italy's longest kiln, giving it a magnificently flat finish, with
perfectly straight edges.

Italian Porcelain

Investing your renovation budget in the finest materials pays off in the long run, with
the timeless beauty and world-class quality we have all come to expect from Italy – perfetto!