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Turquoise Palace is the story of two women Entrepreneurs, following their passion, creating a niche brand that is in sync with the changing times in our industry. As a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, we partner with companies globally who have the same outlook as us towards smart design, sustainability, ethical practices and a willingness to make decisions that have a positive impact on our environment.

We all have stories to tell. Our homes are a natural extension of who we are, where we’ve been, what matters most to us and how we’ve grown.  At Turquoise Palace, we are proud to bring a global aesthetic to Canada that celebrates design as a visual, vivid medium, influenced by history and culture, details and pieces that put an emphasis on form and craftsmanship. Our clients use Turquoise Palace to tell their own story and make their spaces as unique and rich as the stories that make them. We exceed the highest standards of design professionals and take pride in being a part of a trade community in TIDC that is sleek, dynamic and utterly original.


Gather around my beautiful dining table! Have a seat in my ergonomically designed dining chair that doesn’t compromise on style & let’s catch up over food and drink and laughter. 


From comfy couches and loungy sectionals, to unique occasional tables and armchairs we have the finest in living room furniture that will elevate your home and add a sophisticated charm that is all your own. 


The right lighting can create visual interest by balancing style and functional needs. At Turquoise Palace, our wide range of lighting fixtures include a variety of textures and shapes to complement any design aesthetic.



Sectionals are the multipurpose workhorse of modern homes. They provide flexibility of use and create a welcoming space where seamless seating makes it easy to find a comfortable spot for everyone.

Occasional Furniture

Coffee tables, benches, poufs, side tables and armchairs. All important details that when used in the right settings are practical without creating clutter and still add elements of design and style that are personal to the space and its inhabitants.