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At IDC Home, we believe that the right accessories and furniture are the jewels of your home. IDC Home brings only the highest quality furniture and accessories from Belgium – the heart of innovative design in Europe – so Canadians can enhance their homes, top-to-bottom, with the finest custom furnishings.

Representing a list of award-winning Belgian suppliers – the true “best of the best” of innovative Belgian design – IDC Home brings only the highest quality furnishings from Belgium to Canada. IDC Home makes these designs easily accessible to Canadian designers, decorators, retailers, buyers and the hospitality industry.

IDC Home’s mission is to make your client's house their home. We accomplish this by providing your customers with the very best furnishings Belgium has to offer, while removing the challenges you typically encounter in international trade. We operate in a way that creates 100% confidence, trust and transparency.



Beds - Magnitude
Custom made bedding - Mirabel Slabbinck®
Duvets & pillows - Plutex


Bath linen - De Witte Lietaer
Custom made bath linen - Mirabel Slabbinck®

Living Room

Contemporary quality design sofa's - Indera and Moome
Contemporary cabinets - Zymbioz by Mintjens
Art - Meisterwerke

Accessories and fabrics - Evolution 21

Dining Room

Contemporary tables and cabinets - Zymbioz by Mintjens 
Custom Made Table linen - Mirabel Slabbinck®
High quality pottery and planters - Domani


Contemporary outdoor furniture - Royal Botania
High quality pottery - Domani


Contemporary lighting - Delta Light