Mar 10, 2020

New Showrooms at TIDC

A handful of newshowrooms have officially opened their doors at TIDC!

Roberta Schilling- Suite 114: A trendsetter by all accounts, Schilling has seen her business grow to include accessories, decorative glasses, natural fiber textiles and fine Brazilian colonial antiques. Experience the Roberta Schilling furniture collection exclusively at TIDC.

Leftbank Art- Suite 114: Leftbank Art has returned to TIDC! For over 40 years, Leftbank Art has provided the latest in art to the design world.

Big Ass Fans- Suite 119: At Big Ass Fans®, they have an insatiable drive to improve, engineer, design, test, re-engineer, re-design and re-test until they get it just right. They don’t do things halfway — they go Big Ass®. And they've got the awards to prove it.

Turquoise Palace- Suite 121: Turquoise Palace has moved! Find their new showroom on the first floor and experience the addition of luxurious furniture to their collection.

Masonal Stone- Suite 214: Masonal Stone cuts and shapes natural stone from over 50 quarries in Ontario to provide home owners with unbelievable choices in the greenest building material on earth.

Winward Canada- Suite 208: The "most botanically correct" florals in the industry. Visit Winward today!