November 3rd

TIDC-IDS Offsite Event: Function + Form

This IDS Offsite focuses on function and form showcasing products that go beyond form, with functions integral to today’s interiors.

Join us for this info-filled day of seminars, product demos, innovative prototype exhibits and designer tours.

Wednesday, November 3 at the Toronto International Design Centre, 10am-6pm.

Here are some things we have going on:

  • Delta Light Seminar with IDC Home: 10am
  • CEU Session with Craft Artisan Wood Floors: 3pm
  • The Collective Designer Panel Talk: 5pm
  • Designer tours: Jane Lockhart @ 12pm & Brenda Danso @ 2pm
  • NEW product prototypes with:

Rainstick Shower – a WiFi-enabled shower system that not only saves up 80% energy and 80% water, and is low maintenance, but also increases the flow rate by 2X compared to a traditional shower.

Only One Yes- showcasing objects created from a biomaterial derived from waste oyster shells and baking ingredients.

3DVR DesignsTour the 1st Immersive Virtual Photography exhibition in a 3D rendering of the Parthenon, highlighting the works of talented photographers of South America.


Enlightened Thoughts presented by Delta Light Canada and IDC Home @ 10am

This presentation talks about the relationship between light and architecture, considering hierarchies in depth and space, presented in a journey through Flemish and Italian paintings of the XVI century and onwards- A more cultural tool to explain how important light is to architecture.

Credits: Eligible for 1 hour OAA Structured Learning. Also pending IDCEC approval

Virtual Speaker: Danilo Mandelli is Director of Project Management at Delta Light. His solutions for high-profile projects showcase his talent in design consultancy. He has been invited as a speaker at events such as the Dubai Design Week and NextGen Design Forum and as a judge at the Dezeen Design Awards. 

The Truth About Wood: The Environmental Benefits of Specifying Certified Sustainable Wood Products @ 3pm

Forests play an important role in our lives. On the negative, they can be a significant source of global greenhouse emissions and a contributor to climate change through deforestation and poor forest management. On the positive, certifying forests and managing them sustainably is one of the best strategies to help in the fight against Climate Change. This course will explain the environmental importance of sustainable forest management, forest certifications, chain-of-custody certifications, forestry carbon cycles, certified sustainable wood products, and how to spot green washing claims by some manufacturers.

CEU Credit: 1 hour

Speaker: Chris English- GTA A & D & Business Development @ Craft Artisan Wood Floors.


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