September 29th

TIDC Talks Doubleheader: Big Ass Fans- Introducing Haiku featuring UV-C technology @ 11 and Sarah Walker @ 11:30

A TIDC Talks Doubleheader!

11am- Big Ass Fans

11:30am- Sarah Walker from The Curated House


Join Tracey and Big Ass Fans on Sept 29 and start disinfecting the air with Haiku UV-C!

Shortwave ultraviolet (UV-C) technology has decades of proven success eliminating pathogens, but no solution has ever wielded it as effectively as Clean Air System. With UV-C fixtures seamlessly integrated into their designs, Big Ass fans circulate the full volume of air in your space through the disinfection zone above the fan, destroying viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles, and providing purified air to your people. 

Come to TIDC Talks September 29th to learn about Haiku with UV-C technology and start cleaning the air you and your loves ones breathe!


Come learn why - in an industry that is not well regulated to guard and protect our health - we have a responsibility to learn about the health-hijacking dangers hidden in so much of what we put in our clients homes AND what we can do about it. Her story is both personally and professionally inspiring, and you will learn things you never knew you needed to know that could transform your well-being and that of your clients!

Internationally published Toronto designer Sarah Walker is known for her approachable yet sophisticated and luxurious design projects. She’s also known as “The Canary In The Design Mines” for her intuitive ability to sniff out hidden toxins in furnishings and finishes. As an expert in healthy and sustainable design, Sarah is a passionate advocate for interior designers leveraging their role of lifestyle architect to design homes that are as healthy as they are beautiful.

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