August 11th

Take Action Task Force

It was clear after our last Talk that the topic could have been longer, which is what we hope to address in our session in August.
Here are more details about our Take Action Task Force Committee:
Aug 11, 11am – 1pm  Kickoff Take Action Task Force
This will be a small diverse group session that will be recorded and shared on our social media platforms. If you are in academia, government, media or a member of an industry association, we are interested in hearing from you.
Here are action items that have come up in our previous sessions that will be addressed:

Promoting the work of black designers alongside their white peers and not just during Black History Month and during civil arrests. In print, TV, trade shows, etc.
Including black designers voice as experts: inviting black  designers to speak on panels/events and paying speaking fees to discuss industry topics beyond race and diversity.
Partnerships with black designers on licensing deals or in the industry regarding products  and materials.
Hiring  black designers as brand ambassadors;
Showrooms and design centres to have more black and diverse representation. Assess buying minimums as discriminatory amounts.
Stop pushing Eurocentric design as the design blueprint. Elevate Canadian design on the world stage.
Inequities in the education system

Email with your interest in joining!